Seal production

Karas- Seals specializes in manufacturing of seals for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. For seals production our company uses different technologies, such as compression molding, casting and CNC processing. Our seal production equipment allows us to meet any special requirements. The number of seals and garnets requested is irrelevant – we are able to produce a single custom detail or wholesale quantity and deliver it to any European country, Russia or countries of CIS.
Karas seals produces standart and custom elements for your equipment. To order a custom element we need sketches or drawings or a detail, that can be used as an example. We also have a whole range of high quality materials for seal production, such as EPDM, FPM-black, NBR-85, polyurethane can be used. The choice of material depends on the application requirements.
The range of our seal production includes chevron seals, guiding elements or wear rings, static seals, static seals, O'rings, O ring cord, X'rings, back-up bings, standard oil seals, high pressure shaft seals, PTFE Shaft seals, rubber gasket, PU tube and custom-made seals.

PU Seals NBR Seals
PU Seal NBR Seal