SiliconeSilicone is also known as polysiloxane. It is rubber-like but the properties of silicone seals are superior to the rubber ones. Silicone is resistant to deteriorating effects of ozone, electricity, weathering and radiation. Silicone seals also can be used in extremely low (below -70 degrees Celcius) and extremely high (up to 160 degrees Celsius) temperatures and still perform excellent flexibility.
The silicone seals show low tollerance to to oxidized oils, fuels and hydrocarbons.
It is ordorless and tasteless. Due to these properties silicone can be used for surgical and food processing applications.

Silicone seals are widely used in medicine, aerospace, electronics, food industry and others. Its superior color stability allows to choose almost any color for the future product. It has exelent mold capabilities, which means that the seals almost of any kind can be manufactured and processed. If you need an advise on the choise of material (silicone, EPDM, NBR or other) pls contact our office for further information.