Polyurethane-redPolyurethane is sometimes reffered as «urethane», though it is not produced from ethyl carbamate. Polyurethane is superior to rubber or plastic as it can endure enviroment neither one nor other could sevive. The temperature range is -35 to 80 degrees celsium. It is weather abraison, cuts, oil and gas resistnant. The tolerance of polyurethane to concentrated acids, ketones, esters, very strong acids is quite low.

Polyurethane seals are often used in hydraulic situations, as it is able to take shock loads better than any other elastomer. Polyurethane gaskets and seals found application in electrical equipment, machine mounts, wear pads, shock absorbing etc.

The row material can be purchased in dry or liquide form.
Polyurethane rings and other seals are usually molded. That allows us to produce any size of the gasket or seal needed. To mold a custom seal our specilists will need blueprints or drawings. If you are not sure which material to use, our specialists will give an advise and detailed information on such materials as EPDM, NBR-black, FPM-black and others.