NBR-85NBR is a synthetic rubber polymer, the most common material used in seal production. All NBR componds are generally resistant to oil, fuel and some other chemicals. The other characteristsics vary. Depending on the special requirements qualities of the compounds can be changed with the change of the percentage of acrylonitrile in the base polymer.

The NBR seals can service in temperature range of -35 to +120 degrees Celsius. They are compatible with hydraulic media, including petroleum oils, water glycol and many other synthetics. However NBR compounds are better to be kept from the direct sunlight.

Karas Seals manufactures NBR gaskets, that are used in areas where there are oil and petrolium present, for exampleas part of oil separators, gas separators and are often seen at gas stations and others.
Karas Seals manufacturs standart seals as well as custom ones using NBR, Polyurethane-red, FPM -black and others. For futher information pls contact our offices.