FPM-blackFPM is a flouroelastomer also known as FKM or Viton. Due to the high strength of the fluorine to carbon bond and the high ratio of fluorine to hydrogen the seals made of FPM can perform continiously in temperatures of 204-300 degrees Celcius. FPM also shows high resistance to oil, solvents and strong acids and even withstand oxigen-plasma enviroment, though its resistance to butyl acetate, acetone and methyl alcohol is limited.

FPM is widely used for O-rings production. These rings found applications in chemistry, car industry, space industry, aircraft industry, food-processing and medicine. Karas seals will help you to choose the FPM compound based on your requirements. We sell raw materials as well as moulding blank and semi-finished products.

We also manufacture seals and gaskets. Standart and custom seals can be produced in any quantities. For custom seals we will need blueprints or drawings. Our specialists will also advise the cost-effective and efficient kind of seal material: FPM, Silicone, EPDM or other.