Seal Materials

Karas Seals specializes in seal production. We offer the best choice of standart and custom seals for pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. Semi-finished seal materials and products in form of tubes and rods are also available.

Both elastomers and thermoplastics are used in seal production. The choice of the seal material is very important, as their swelling behaviour, chemical resistance, tempreture range, saturation about ozone and aging resistance differ. Only correct seal material can ensure trouble-free operation of the seal. Information about operation enviroment is needed. Depending on this information the elastomer with the most suitable properties can be chosen.

Karas-Seals has EPDM, FPM-black, NBR-85, Polyurethane-red and Silicone and other raw and sem-finished materials in stock. These seal materials cover a wide range of sealing application. In case some special properties a new material can be engineered. Raw materials as well as seals and gaskets can be delivered to countries of European union, Baltic States and contries of CIA in short notice.